Seasonal Strategies

Seasonal StrategiesMost novice and advanced anglers can take advantage of a seasonal plan of attack. The plan should be aimed at simplifying bass fishing so that everything you know, or have, is not with you every trip to the lake. One way to make bass fishing simpler is to break your approach into seasons. The seasons for our discussion will be: Spring: temperature rises to 60 degrees, and lasts until it reaches 80 degrees. Summer: the period the water temperature is above 80 degrees. Fall: occurs when the temperature falls below 80 degrees, and lasts until it reaches 60 degrees; Winter: starts at 60 degrees and continues as long as the temperature stays below 60 degrees. During each season we will look at the entire water column. We are going to address how you fish for shallow fish (one to 10 feet), mid-depth (10 to 20 feet) and deep (20 feet or deeper).