Winter Time Jerkbait Tips for Bass

Winter Time Jerkbait Fishing

Justin Rackley goes over a few simple and easy steps to help you with your winter time jerkbait fishing. During the winter your presentation must be slower and your jerkbait needs to be less erratic. Justin tends to use jerkbaits from a few different companies in order to get a few different presentations. He recommends putting lead tape on the tip of your jerkbaits nose in order to get a better sinking action in the water. The lead tape helps keep the lure down due to the fact that your pauses on your jerkbait will be anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds and you do not want that bait coming up. Another good tip is to add a another split ring to your front treble hook in order to give the front of the bait more dive. Florocarbon line is what Justin uses because it sinks along with the bait where as a mono filament line will not allow your jerkbait to sink in the water potentially keeping you from catching more and bigger fish.  Choosing the right jerkbait, rod, and line are big factors in getting fish in the boat.

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